Wider Community

Wider Community is a charitable foundation set up by Wider Plan, the employee benefits provider. Wider Plan's passion is to make a tangible difference to working life.

We want to make even more of a difference by:

  • Promoting charitable activity in the workplace, improving staff morale, team-building and personal satisfaction.
  • Making it easier for individuals to support their favourite cause and to enjoy making an impact.
  • Helping employers recognise the commercial benefits of corporate social responsibility, to make a sustainable difference.

Together, we can assist your local community and make a difference through a shared Wider Community.

How we can help

Matched Giving

Focusing on new grass-roots fundraising for UK registered charities.

Community Schemes

Resourcing charitable activity in the community, via groups or individuals.


Working in partnership with employer-supported volunteering, enabling employees to donate their time.

Hardship Grants

Supporting employers by providing hardship grants for individual employees experiencing unexpected circumstances.

Our Community

Wildlife Trusts

Wider Plan offsets its carbon footprint by donating to local wildlife trusts, to provide and maintain green spaces for our local community. Could your workplace do the same?

World Vision

Our long-term support for World Vision has included funding disaster response, advocacy to end child labour and promoting girls’ education. Does your workplace have close links with a charity? Wider Community could boost the impact of your involvement.

Caring Hands

Caring Hands is a food bank and care outreach, local to Wider Plan. Wider Community matches the value of food bank donations from Wider Plan staff. Could Wider Community help you create charitable campaigns which better engage your staff?

Race for Life

Every year, a team from Wider Plan takes part in Race for Life. What charitable team activities could we help your staff to engage with?


At Wider Plan, staff can apply for paid leave for volunteering. By helping staff support the causes they care about, Wider Plan enjoys better staff morale. Could we help you support staff volunteering?

School Projects

We’re getting involved with local schools, to show our support for the next generation. Let us know how your workplace is being innovative in your community. We’ll try to help promote your ideas.


Wider Community relies on donations and innovative fundraising.  Find out how you could help us grow – it needn’t even cost you a penny!

Corporate Donations

Wider Plan pledges to donate 5% of profit to charitable activity. Unused vouchers from our KiddiVouchers scheme are also donated. We welcome any donations from organisations and individuals.

How to donate

If you would like to help us grow by means of a donation, email us via the contact form below.


To find out more about Wider Community or to suggest a local community based charity you would like to see us work with, please get in touch.